Welcome to The World In Pictures – my photography portfolio.

The World In Pictures showcases my photography portfolio travelling to various cities and countries since buying my first serious camera in 2013. The portfolio covers a diverse range of countries including the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Scotland, Morocco, South Africa, Israel, Jordan, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the United Arab Emirates. Featured cities include New York, Washington DC, Boston, Casablanca, Marrakesh, Istanbul, Berlin, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Zurich, Jerusalem, Amman, Cape Town, Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Scottish Highlands. I use a Nikon D5200 DSLR camera.

I’m currently based in Dubai where I’ve lived since 2012, moving from Glasgow, Scotland. I see photography as a journey without a final destination. I’ve been fortunate to travel around the world and photography allows me to capture some of those moments that are more powerful as pictures rather than words. This has been particularly true in some of the world’s less developed and less materialistic countries where people are more at ease with their surroundings. I’m always searching for that unique moment, whether it’s an expression, particular shade of light or simply a different way of looking at something.

I’m also developing an expanding blog section on the site, which is focused on subjects I’ve found particularly interesting, educational or inspiring to capture through the lens. The first of these are my trips to the Killing Fields of Cambodia and the Tunnels of Cu Chi in Vietnam. Feel free to leave your thoughts on these blogs, especially if you’ve also been to the same location.

I hope you enjoy my portfolio of photographs. If you’re interested in anything you see, please get in touch using the contact section of the website.

I’m also on Facebook, Instagram and 500px.

Photography is a love affair with life. And life is always a journey worth exploring.



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  1. Jose' Salinas

    Hello James,
    I’m from Texas. My wife is from Dumdries, Scotland. We come to Scotland to visit family, every summer.
    We are friends with Phil and Heather. I just enjoyed lunch
    with Phil in Moffat and you and your website were in our
    conversation. I’ve just been viewing your photos and reading
    your blog and decided to send this message and say Cheers.
    Best regards, Jose’

    • James

      Hi Jose – thanks very much for dropping me a line.
      It’s a small word :)
      That’s great you visit Scotland every year – and Dumfries is also my hometown!
      Hope you had a nice lunch with Dad and Heather.
      Safe travels back to Texas. I may well be there later this year on business.
      Thanks again and best wishes,